Tuesday, March 29, 2016

As we entered in next month we started our online training specially designed for mothers who really wants to help their children by learning child psychology and handling their home assignments with the help of  proven ways of montessori....we understand these small workshops or sessions are very important for parents..It helps them to understand their child's needs. With the help of online sessions we are able to reach  more more parents and educators..

Sessions arranged by our Senior most montessorians Mrs. Munira Akhtar and Ms. Kaushilal

Monday, March 14, 2016

Our journey continues and we met Miss Nandini from a NGO who is working on overall benefits of tribal community of Karnataka. It was a wonderful experience she brings students with her from different tribes of Karnataka. They all have a dream to bring a change in their community children with the help of montessori learnings....It was an overwhelming experience to meet these girls & boys interested in preschool education.
Our Sr. Educators helped them in their effort of change.............................................
World of montessori is beautiful in a way that whoever learns it surprises them with child psychology in its foundation. Each and every montessori material takes care of child's depth of brain and our senses......
Introducing the knowledge of kannada as first language as language is very important aspect of education......by Anitha

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Montessorians United started its operations in 2015. Last year MU took a very good start with its concepts and values. We believe montessori method is for each and every child to nurture his true self  and holistic personality.

To nurture a new life we should have a educator who understands montessori philosophy from depth of the heart. If someone does not believe in a system or philosophy she/he won't be able to do justice with the child. We spread awareness to learn whole montessori content because every child is unique and to understand his special needs, all people associated with early childhood education has to understand the real philosophy behind montessori, which revolves around child psychology.

Montessori Philosophy discussions at ILM montessori Koramangala, Bangalore

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Montessorians United welcomes you!

Montessorians United founded by highly dedicated montessorian Mrs. Munira Akhtar. She has spent about 25 years in the world of montessori with great commitment to make a difference in early childhood education.
She has a wonderful team working with her. All the members are specialist in montessori backgrounds and have rich experience. We have completed one successful year in the field of montessori education.