Monday, May 16, 2016

 How Montessori materials and Intellectual toys enriches children as compared to gaming gadgets?

This process leads to Innovation

Once upon a time children used to play with toys provided by Nature – flowers, stones, shells, and branches. In those days, children made inventions because they were free to experiment. Mankind’s evolution provided children with different materials for toys -- wood, metal, and plastic.  But, today, our toddlers, preschoolers, preteens and teens are so fond of gaming gadgets that the offerings of Nature have taken a backseat. Undoubtedly, technology is the backbone of today's world and it helps children in aspects like observation and exploration, experiencing virtual reality, and learning new skills.

But this has reached such a stage where children are not even demanding any intellectual toys or material from their parents. They find unbelievable thrill and adventure in gadgets. But a rising concern among parents and educators is that these gadgets provide competencies like: observations, speed, physical challenges and skills with the help of technology but no training for innovation, patience, real life skills, and sensory development.  Parents are observing behavioural changes in their children with increased screen time, like frequent mood swings, sleep disorders, irritability, and short low attention spans. Children seem more inclined towards rewards rather than achievement and appreciation through other methods.

On the other hand, Montessori materials provide children with patience and skills in early childhood and elementary years. Montessori material was invented with a lot of research in science and child psychology. Prestigious toy companies are producing wonderful material for today’s generations. Parents should encourage their children to use all kinds of technology. Gaming gadgets are important to learn about new technology. But at the same time we need physical toys to feed a child’s mind.