Monday, September 26, 2016

Boost child’s concentration?

Eight Tips to enhance child’s concentration?

These days we hear most of parents and teachers talking that they are unable to get attention from child or he/she is not able to concentrate.  A small child cannot do much about it because he/she wants to concentrate only on those activities which are interesting. As we explained in our earlier article on gaming gadgets we need to do some extra effort to bring back their interest. Can we do something about it? Yes, we can! The Montessori Method provides us various activities to help children concentrate better. These activities are filled with fun and frolic but they have direct and indirect aim concentration. 

       Telling a story to a child is a very good way to get back his concentration. One story telling activity has so many hidden benefits in it, for example- Sound, Phonics, Vocabulary, Entertainment, Theater, Culture and Moral values. It is a wonderful method to bring back a child’s concentration. It should be an interesting session using sounds, soft toys or even enacting a story.

          Walking on the line’ (a Montessori Method) and other similar formations help children to concentrate with lots of fun and learning. This is an activity which aims at benefiting in multiple ways. These activities can easily replicate at home.

          Building blocks or puzzles, which we all are aware of on a large scale, starts from very young age.  This activity helps a lot for better concentration, but the child should be free to experiment with the blocks and puzzles as their imagination takes them. The child may need a parent or teacher to partner with them to keep them motivated during different occasions.

Image: Montessorians united

           A ‘Nature walk’ helps children to discover insects, plants, sunlight etc., helping them to learn about the unknown. This activity brings back their concentration to a large extent. A ‘Nature walk’ works much better if it is a group activity.
Image: Montessorians United

   Montessori provides lots of opportunities to the child to experiment with himself and explore new material. With the Exercises of practical life we may find plenty of things where the child can concentrate and learn with material. For example, we should encourage them to cut vegetables, roll the dough, dust and tie buttons etc.


Board games help a child to learn, observe and calculate. But every child feels bored due to two reasons –firstly, due to the lack of company and secondly, he/she might not understand the game. Every child wants to win, and to win they need to understand it better. This is the point where an adult can help.


   We should play games of missing letters or numbers with them. Its study shows that children get more attracted towards missing numbers. Make puzzles with the numbers. Use bright colours, animals, vegetables, and fruits to make it more interesting.

       Above all, Yoga can provide assured help to children to concentrate in a much better way. So, if teachers and parents can partner with each other and teach them yoga, they would definitely get very good results.


Allow your child to take his own time in doing things, such as dressing up, eating, washing,etc. Do not interrupt him or hurry him up. Otherwise he cannot develop his concentration skill, which is the most important tool for learning. 

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

MU presents a beautiful example, how Maria  Montessori method helps a child to use his Intellect, Material and Freedom. He is a student of Prathama Montessori in Bangalore just 4 years 3 months old, he felt free to use his imagination and presented a girl and a boy.