Monday, December 18, 2017

Workshop organised and launched an Orientation Program in Coorg!

Last weekend was beginning of our Coorg chapter. Our founder Munira Akhtar, Sudha Uthappa and Malini Rao organised a workshop in COPS school Coorg, Karnataka. Workshop covered Montessori philosophy in modern era and displayed techniques of highly interactive circle time.
Parents and teachers received very effective key ideas from this workshop.

MU has started Orientation Program in coorg give us a call for details...
Sudha Uthappa +91 98456 95864

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Highlights of "Wealth from waste" workshop and online contact program!

Last week MU arranged "wealth from waste" workshop at Kido premises, Bangalore. Dr. Geetha Viswanathan presented useful simple teaching aids for teachers and parents in the company of Mrs Munira Akhtar.

Main goal was to demonstrate the techniques how to use this waste material. 

Highlights of workshop was using pencil scarping, cut vegetable seeds navdhanya and waste paper, rangoli dots and designs any other thing that we put in the dust bin can be converted in to useful teaching aids, in class room or in the house.

Teachers and parents learnt how to teach or help children to use this waste material in their playtime, craft activities and other creative ideas. 

It helps children and teens to bring their own creative talents and awareness for waste management.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Mu conducted spoken English workshop!

After few months, It was a moment to meet Ballary students again. Initially it was practical orientation on Montessori Methods given by Munira Akhtar and Uma devi. After that they concluded this training by follow up sessions. In second stage students had to go through written exams and viva. So, last week it was the time to revise and learn some spoken English. Our English language expert traveled all the way to Ballary to train  these students for spoken English. Rehmat Merchant conducted Spoken English workshop for Ballary students.

Skola toys: Launch cum Expo!

Recently skola toys organised a launch cum exhibition in Bangalore. These toys are inspired by montessori principles of early child hood educaton. On this special occasion Munira Akhtar and Mridula shridhar spoke and told audience how these toys turn child's playtime into best learning time! 

Our 3 month practical orientation program started at Mangalore!

Our Senior Educator Mrs. Kaushi Lal started new batch in Millet preschool as we advertised earlier. This is a 3 month program which is going to cover various practical aspects of Montessori education. Above all this program explains, how we can make most out of it in our cultures?

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Online learning at its best!

Sequence pictures made by MU's online platform student. See how beautifully in our ask the expert sessions Ms. Veena grasped and presented language concepts so nicely. Ranga Priya S. presented basic concepts of mathematics in flow charts to make it easy from teaching perspective. In ask the expert sessions they are learning how to invent new materials, all kind of consultations as per their requirement to be a better educator and how to think out of the box to make bridge between present and future generations.

Life cycle of a frog

Sequence of brushing teeth 

Monday, September 11, 2017

Reaching out to spread Montessori wings and inculcate innovations!

Recently our founder Munira Akhtar conducted exams and gave her expert advice to Matha Montessori school teachers.  It was a visit planned to enable and share material innovations with their teachers and how to bring practical aspect to make our resources more useful for a brighter future of children. Matha Montessori koni school is in Kundapura. It is a coastal town in the Indian state of Karnataka. It is administered by the Kundapura Town Municipal Council and also serves as a headquarter of the Kundapura Taluk.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Highlights of August contact program!

Highlights of August personal contact program for our online students. Session taken by Munira Akhtar, Kaushi Lal, Lubna Sultana, Sudha Uthappa and Rashmi (Ankur Montessori). Team and students were overwhelmed with energy in the room.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Fresh requirement for educators, Bangalore!

New openings
Little Columbus, 142/2 ; 2nd Main ; Near Living Walls Apartment, Horamavu.
Little Columbus; House # 1276 ;6th Cross ; 6th Main; D-Block ; AECS Layout; Kundalahalli Gate; Bangalore- 560037

Monday, August 7, 2017

Monday, July 24, 2017

One Day Seminar on Montessori Pedagogy

Last Week MU conducted another one day workshop for Parents and Educators. Our founder Munira Akhtar and Sr. Montessorian Uma Devi both did one day seminar on Montessori pedagogy in RIMS, Thalassery  . This seminar core objective was "Introduction to Montessori philosophy and an exclusive session on language Approach in Montessori Pedagogy".

Munira Akhtar at RIMS seminar

Uma devi at RIMS Seminar

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Do not label a child hyperactive!

Observe child around you classify the root cause of the problem take right professional help in right age”
After a long observation for many years, we thought of finally writing this in detail. We would like to discuss a burning issue, that is, in today’s world, parents, teachers and caretakers very easily label children as hyperactive. It seems that, this word has become a casual term these days, without people knowing the complexities of this disorder most among us are using it on daily basis. It has become a synonym for a naughty or undisciplined child. Hyperactivity is caused due to many unknown reasons. Yes it is possible, hyperactivity can be a part of ADHD. This is a serious disorder which needs to be treated with utmost care and professional help. There is lot more which can be done by us as parents, teachers or caretakers of these unsettled children. Though the cause of ADHD remains unknown, research suggests that the cause lies in neurology (some parts of the brain are smaller in children suffering from ADHD) or genetics (ADHD tends to run in families, so, there are likely to be genetic influences).
Although environmental and social factors can influence the severity of the disorder, they do not cause the disorder.
If the child has one or two of the following symptoms it does not mean he/she has a hyperactivity disorder:
1.      Lack of interest in regular toys, writing and reading
2.      Naughty behaviour
3.      Behaving aggressively once in a while
4.      Lack of concentration
5.      Wandering
6.      Impulsiveness
There may be different reasons behind these common symptoms. To differentiate we need do understand “What is Hyperactivity and who is Hyperactive?” Parents or teachers should have some serious check points before labeling a child hyperactive.

Here are few examples:
1.      How long child is behaving in same manner?
2.      Do not generalise make serious notes for school, home or social interactions
3.      What kind of aggressive behaviour?
4.      How was the toddler stage?
5.      How many friends are there?
6.      What kind of learning difficulties?
7.      How much sugar intake?

Hyperactivity is a state of being unusually or abnormally active. Hyperactivity is often difficult for people around the hyperactive person, such as teachers, employers, and parents. Hyperactive people often become anxious or depressed because of their condition and how people respond to them.
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

If a child is suffering with one of these symptoms, provide him appropriate guidance, but do not label him hyperactive

How parents/teachers can help?

To understand hyperactive behaviour a person needs to understand ‘Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder /ADHD disorder’. If a child is suffering from two or more symptoms mentioned above, how can the parent take professional advice?

Professional advice may be of many types. If the child is suffering from any type of learning difficulty, the child has to see a professional learning lab; those treat dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia or etc.
But if the child is suffering from any disciplinary issues or anxiety and depression, they need counselling or medical guidance and serious supervision. For example, parents, teachers or caretakers must be trained by a child psychologist or a child counsellor to handle the child in difficult times and to distract him from bad behaviour. In serious cases adults need to keep child under guided supervision.
If it is related to speech and language, the child and parent should see a speech therapist. Sometimes the child is unable to speak one particular letter, which is why it needs some sessions from a speech therapist. Parents can save children from getting bullied or any kind of harassment.
If a child is suffering from noticeable sleep disorders, the child and parent should take medical advice regarding sleep analysis. After analysing the sleep pattern of the child, doctors can find the right reason behind it.
Sometimes it may just be emotional issues due to many reasons. Parents and teachers need to observe it for some time and make notes, discuss, talk to their, help them or get them the right advice from the right person. This needs great teamwork between the family, the doctor, the teacher and the caretaker.
Autism symptoms range in presentation and severity. Children with autism frequently have an intellectual disability, but some children with autism will have normal intelligence. Children with autism may also have seizures, motor abnormalities, anxiety, sleep cycle disturbances, gastrointestinal problems, immune dysfunction and sensory disturbances. Not all the features are present in every child. Instead, a subset of features underlies autism in each individual.
So, it is very important if parents or teachers see any repetitive abnormal behaviour. They should work as a team, observe, make notes and find the suitable professional help.
Parents have to understand that in the abbreviation ADHD, “AD stands for attention deficit”. Parents, caretakers, educators, everyone has to realise that the child may just need personal attention from parents. This does not mean some hours or days; parents must give them attention for a longer period. In today’s world, young children are receiving divided attention. “A child needs appropriate quality time in all ages”. Dr. Maria Montessori discovered the best way, “Follow the child”. Actually, since ages, children are following their seniors. When children see their elders multitask, they feel like multitasking as well. There is lot of indirect learning happening in early years of life.
Parents, Teachers and caretakers, all of them need to remember that “Every child is not hyperactive”. Every child is unique and they are seeking our attention; therefore it may only be an “attention deficit”, not a disorder.

Recently organised personal contact program!

Visit our face to face session for online students. Click the link below to see highlights 
 of the program........
                                       Personal contact program for online course students

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Ballary students appearing for theory exam!!

After detailed face to face Orientation program and Viva Ballary students have to complete one more step to hold their certificates. So, today they all appeared for their theory exam in their very own Vishwajyothi International Public School, Ballary.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Five days of face to face Orientation in Ballary, Karnatka

Last week was another exciting week for our senior trainers. Munira Akthar and Uma devi reached Ballary to guide and mentor Vishwajyothi school educators on Montessori methods. 

It was a beautiful surprise for our senior trainers when they saw a large number of Montessori educators already waiting for them. 
Vishwajyothi International Public School trustees are dedicating their efforts to bringing quality education to rural areas in north Karnataka. This training was also one of these initiatives.

The school management strongly believes in “Learning is an ongoing process and it never ends ". So, under their school training and motivation initiatives they have partnered with MU to provide our special Montessori orientation program to educators in their school. It was an excellent experience for our senior trainers.

 They had sharpened their skills and learnt the philosophy and depth behind the methods of Dr. Maria Montessori.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Proud moment for MU team...

It is a proud moment for Montessorians United team. Our amazing founder Munira Akhtar has become one of the board members of the prestigious team of Florida International Montessori Alliance, FIMA.

 She has joined as accreditation officer in this professional organisation.
To know more about FIMA, click the link below:

 She has already partnered and designed 'Montessori online program' with Kido Enterprises, Bangalore.
 To know more about KMU, click the link  
Montessori Online Program

Montessorians United team is working hard to spread awareness about Dr Maria Montessori Methods so that their efforts bring holistic education to preschool children.


Friday, May 12, 2017

5 days Face to Face sessions for Online students!

After 10 beautiful interactive 'Ask the Expert' sessions it was time to meet our dear students face to face. 

All Montessorians understand that practical training is such a essential part of the Online course. In the five days of 'face to face' sessions MU included all the following topics with the preset and well planned curriculum.

Day 1
Introduction to Philosophy, Geography and Botany

Day 2

Presentations on Exercises of practical life and Sensorial

Day 3

Introduction to Language material in Montessori Method and presentations for the same

Day 4

Introduction to Arithmetic in Montessori method and presentations for the same

Day 5

  1. Workshop on general fitness for children and teachers.
  2. Quality Circle time.
  3. Identification and Remedial tips for specific learning difficulties.
 And above all MU introduced sustainable projects for learning how to practice with materials under supervision during the first four days.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Our Amazing Online Students

Image Source
Montessorians United is running their online batches successfully since the time of its soft launch............but today was a special day because MU experts felt overwhelmed when they heard introductions of these students. We are picking up a few stories from this batch.

Today Montessorians United started its one more batch of online program. It was a wonderful group of mixed age students, consisting of those who love children and want to explore Dr. Maria Montessori's philosophy of working with children.

Today's session was very special because one student had the courage to open a Montessori house of children at the age of 52 after having a wonderful career in counselling and physiotherapy in past. Now she is perusing what she always wanted to do.

We have a mother with us whose focus is to give her two children wonderful upbringing with the help of Dr. Maria Montessori's Methods.

Two of them are already teaching in preschools. Both of them want to understand their students in a much more profound way so, they have chosen our basic certification course to fulfil their dreams.

Another student who is highly passionate about sensitive periods of children felt awesome after joining our first Ask the Expert session. She is the owner of a preschool and they are extending a Montessori arm in their preschool. She found our course extremely beneficial.

Our Expert Munira Akhtar and Rabia Kausar did orientation session for new joiners and answered their queries beautifully. This was an amazing and very interactive session. Although we were not able to see each other but after spending 10 minutes everybody felt all are sitting next to each other.

 Like we all say Every 'child is unique', in the same way for 'MU' every 'student is unique'. It is wonderful to learn how and why these students are opting for our basic certification program. 

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Be a Montessorian Parent!

Online Montessori Basic certification

Be a Montessorian Parent
Parents are the only responsible contact who can nurture and choose the way of education for a child. Whatever parents decide today is going to have an impact on their child’s academic & social life throughout his childhood and future endeavours. Today, in our smart world it is difficult to choose the right method of education for a child. Montessorians United suggests choosing Dr. Maria Montessori’s methods of learning. Even Parents can learn to “be a Montessorian parent”. It will help them to understand their child and his learning environment. It is a profound, scientific and detailed companion to child psychology.

How can learning Montessori methods make a difference to a parent and their child’s life?

1.    By learning the ‘why’s’ and ‘how’s’, a parent can find the right path to understand child psychology.

2. The Dr. Maria Montessori Method is a constructive path for parenting.

3.  Parents will understand how they can be supportive in his daily life.

4.  Parents will feel involved in their child’s world.

5.  Montessori Methods teach, guide and change attitude towards young lives.

6.  Parents will know and develop certain ways to maintain just the right order at home.

7.  A Parent can understand the value of working independently and not to help them unnecessarily.

8. Since the child acquires his knowledge through senses (seeing, listening, touching and tasting), a simple nature walk help sometimes. Learn how?

9. Learn how a child will follow indirect learning and how the parents have to 'follow the child'.

10.Parents would understand why the ‘reward method’ and 'raising voice' does not work on a long term basis.

11.The most amazing fact is that Dr. Maria Montessori’s ways of child psychology are not only for preschool or elementary. They are forever.