Sunday, February 26, 2017

Be a Montessorian Parent!

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Be a Montessorian Parent
Parents are the only responsible contact who can nurture and choose the way of education for a child. Whatever parents decide today is going to have an impact on their child’s academic & social life throughout his childhood and future endeavours. Today, in our smart world it is difficult to choose the right method of education for a child. Montessorians United suggests choosing Dr. Maria Montessori’s methods of learning. Even Parents can learn to “be a Montessorian parent”. It will help them to understand their child and his learning environment. It is a profound, scientific and detailed companion to child psychology.

How can learning Montessori methods make a difference to a parent and their child’s life?

1.    By learning the ‘why’s’ and ‘how’s’, a parent can find the right path to understand child psychology.

2. The Dr. Maria Montessori Method is a constructive path for parenting.

3.  Parents will understand how they can be supportive in his daily life.

4.  Parents will feel involved in their child’s world.

5.  Montessori Methods teach, guide and change attitude towards young lives.

6.  Parents will know and develop certain ways to maintain just the right order at home.

7.  A Parent can understand the value of working independently and not to help them unnecessarily.

8. Since the child acquires his knowledge through senses (seeing, listening, touching and tasting), a simple nature walk help sometimes. Learn how?

9. Learn how a child will follow indirect learning and how the parents have to 'follow the child'.

10.Parents would understand why the ‘reward method’ and 'raising voice' does not work on a long term basis.

11.The most amazing fact is that Dr. Maria Montessori’s ways of child psychology are not only for preschool or elementary. They are forever.