Friday, March 24, 2017

Our Amazing Online Students

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Montessorians United is running their online batches successfully since the time of its soft launch............but today was a special day because MU experts felt overwhelmed when they heard introductions of these students. We are picking up a few stories from this batch.

Today Montessorians United started its one more batch of online program. It was a wonderful group of mixed age students, consisting of those who love children and want to explore Dr. Maria Montessori's philosophy of working with children.

Today's session was very special because one student had the courage to open a Montessori house of children at the age of 52 after having a wonderful career in counselling and physiotherapy in past. Now she is perusing what she always wanted to do.

We have a mother with us whose focus is to give her two children wonderful upbringing with the help of Dr. Maria Montessori's Methods.

Two of them are already teaching in preschools. Both of them want to understand their students in a much more profound way so, they have chosen our basic certification course to fulfil their dreams.

Another student who is highly passionate about sensitive periods of children felt awesome after joining our first Ask the Expert session. She is the owner of a preschool and they are extending a Montessori arm in their preschool. She found our course extremely beneficial.

Our Expert Munira Akhtar and Rabia Kausar did orientation session for new joiners and answered their queries beautifully. This was an amazing and very interactive session. Although we were not able to see each other but after spending 10 minutes everybody felt all are sitting next to each other.

 Like we all say Every 'child is unique', in the same way for 'MU' every 'student is unique'. It is wonderful to learn how and why these students are opting for our basic certification program.