Sunday, June 18, 2017

Five days of face to face Orientation in Ballary, Karnatka

Last week was another exciting week for our senior trainers. Munira Akthar and Uma devi reached Ballary to guide and mentor Vishwajyothi school educators on Montessori methods. 

It was a beautiful surprise for our senior trainers when they saw a large number of Montessori educators already waiting for them. 
Vishwajyothi International Public School trustees are dedicating their efforts to bringing quality education to rural areas in north Karnataka. This training was also one of these initiatives.

The school management strongly believes in “Learning is an ongoing process and it never ends ". So, under their school training and motivation initiatives they have partnered with MU to provide our special Montessori orientation program to educators in their school. It was an excellent experience for our senior trainers.

 They had sharpened their skills and learnt the philosophy and depth behind the methods of Dr. Maria Montessori.