Friday, June 22, 2018

# Online Montessori Program Franchise with amazing features!

It is a wonderful opportunity for People, those who really believe in Dr. Maria Montessori Method and want to work in their flexible hours!

Franchisee Benefits and Features
  1. Low cost model for our Partners
  2. Income is more than effort
  3. Excellent Module designed by Senior Montessori experts
  4. Program is excellent for Parents, Preschool Owners and Teachers
  5. Our partner will get excellent trained teachers in their own city
  6. Association with our partners from all over India
  7. Students will get guidance from our very senior experts
  8. Many More...

Very soon we are going to move in next phase even Franchise Partner will go into next phase with us. We are looking for long term partnership.

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Certified Montessori Practitioner

Friday, May 11, 2018

Orientation program in Rayan International, Mangalore successfully completed!

This week another orientation program completed in Rayan International, Mangalore. Munira Akhtar, Uma Devi and Lubna Sultana took their sessions in the school and conducted exams. Young talent learnt Dr. Maria Montessori Methods and philosophy with great learning spirit. MU wishes them all the best for future and a wonderful start for their career.. 

Visit highlights of this program

Friday, April 20, 2018

Reading activities and Introducing Arithmetic to our new batch of young talent!!

In Ryan International Montessori school we are getting ready to welcome new budding talent for Dr. Maria Montessori Method. These talented aspiring students want to become Montessori method educators.

Today they are learning about Reading activities and how to introduce Arithmetic to the child in Montessori environment.

Lubna Sultana, our Team Associate is there to guide them thru in their new amazing journey!

Monday, April 16, 2018

Sharing Highlights for Coorg Orientation program completion!

To visit our Journey with Coorg students click link below

Last week Munira Akhtar and Uma Devi held seminar on Montessori Method at Ryan International Montessori school. Montessori Method Training program started in school campus for fresh candidates...! 

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Be a certified Montessori Practitioner with us!

Last quarter, MU has taken some more steps for its passion to spread Dr. Maria Montessori methods online and offline both. Our online course has taken a new leap because our Alumni being Entrepreneurs, Educators and Montessorian mothers liked our course design and given wonderful feedback. To see and listen there feedback you may check out our blog or you tube channel: With the help of our online program, we are able to take this philosophy  to  small cities of India and abroad. Students are finding our online program a very well planned and organised. We believe that one montessorian mother or educator can lead the change for many more children. Because after learning this brilliant philosophy they are able to invent and explore new ways and material for conceptual learning. Students already joined us from Chhattisgarh, Karnataka, Saudi Arabia,Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Singapore and Maharashtra.......

Monday, February 12, 2018

Language and Yoga session completed in coorg!

Another bright weekend in Coorg public school, Karnataka. It was time for MU to take third theory and practical session. This time it was language, as we all are aware that language is such an essential part of our day to day life. It does not matter child or an adult, language is the wonderful and practical way of communication and expression.  Above all language in Montessori Method has its own significance and ways from introduction to Reading. Montessori material and activities does wonder with language part of its curriculum. 

Munira Akhtar herself traveled to Coorg to take their language session. Highlights of language session were Oral phonetic analysis, Movable alphabets, Picture series, Writing and Reading etc. 

MU team believes in overall growth of a child with good habits and health so, we provide our trainees special session on 'yoga for preschoolers". Yoga session was taken by Salma Mashood, Bangalore.

Organised by MU and Sudha Uthappa

Monday, January 29, 2018

Highlights about its ongoing batch in Coorg!

Training sessions conducted by MU, coordinator Sudha Uthappa, at COPS school, Coorg, Karnataka.

A Montessorian can imagine the value of learning & spreading Dr. Maria Montessori Methods. It feels great to see more and more mothers and teachers coming forward for Montessori orientation program. These two weeks were awesome for our trainers because when they shared their rich practical experience with new candidates and their enthusiasm to learn this method made these sessions much more exciting.
 First session Kaushy lal ji explained Montessori Philosophy and helped trainees to understand theory part so that they can be ready for practical sessions.

In second Session Lubna Sultana  gave them practical sessions for Sensorial development.

Monday, January 22, 2018

Join us from your comfort zone with flexible hours and strengthen your skills

Are you a parent who wants to nurture his child by knowing  about their sensitive periods, stages of development and learning needs...... 

Are you planning to open a preschool and really wishes to provide a holistic education for each and every child who will come to your school then join hands with MU......

Are you a preschool teacher who in spite of her busy schedule wants upgrade herself, learn best practices of Montessori method, its scientific study material and strengthen your skill to be a wholesome educator for a preschool child......
join us and witness the change

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