Monday, February 12, 2018

Language and Yoga session completed in coorg!

Another bright weekend in Coorg public school, Karnataka. It was time for MU to take third theory and practical session. This time it was language, as we all are aware that language is such an essential part of our day to day life. It does not matter child or an adult, language is the wonderful and practical way of communication and expression.  Above all language in Montessori Method has its own significance and ways from introduction to Reading. Montessori material and activities does wonder with language part of its curriculum. 

Munira Akhtar herself traveled to Coorg to take their language session. Highlights of language session were Oral phonetic analysis, Movable alphabets, Picture series, Writing and Reading etc. 

MU team believes in overall growth of a child with good habits and health so, we provide our trainees special session on 'yoga for preschoolers". Yoga session was taken by Salma Mashood, Bangalore.

Organised by MU and Sudha Uthappa