About Montessorians United

In an educational institute, the environment comprises of two very basic essentials – the Material and the Teachers. Our aim at Montessorians United is to help build and create the perfect environment for your little people.

Montessorians United is a team of experienced Montessorians with the passion of reaching out to as many pre primary teachers across the globe. We believe that the age group of pre primary children is the most important phase of a child's learning period .The teachers for this age group children are most of the times untrained and unaware of the child's potential and needs.

In our journey with children we have realized that Dr. Montessori discovered an excellent formula to assist the child s development and growth during this most sensitive learning time .We feel that, the only reason why the method has not reached each and every child is because of the need of trained staff and the limitation of having specific Montessori teaching aid materials developed by Dr. Montessori. An important lesson we learnt is that none of the world's great Montessori schools try to go at it alone. They depend on external mentors to help them stay on course. When facing challenging times, or when attempting to plan and implement something new, experience, expertise, and a fresh outside perspective can be absolutely invaluable. We believe that a child needs the BEST methods to assist him /her during the most important and formative phase of development. We feel the schools which do not have the Montessori materials and trained staff should not miss out on the basic philosophy and the amazing approach of the Montessori Method because it can be adapted to all early childhood education centers.  The Montessori Method can do wonders in making the learning experience for a child a pleasure. The idea is to nurture a sense of wholeness in the child, foster independence and inculcate the love for learning. Education in the end is not about forming the child but following his or her lead.

"Follow the child" is Dr. Montessori motto and we are convinced about it! 

Montessorians United provide professional services for Preschool teachers, Parents and Preschools. To explore reach out to us at  montessorians.united@gmail.com