Services provided by Montessorians United

         (Duration 3 months)

   B. Training Program in Montessori Method of Education 
       (Skd Duration 6 months/180 hours).
   C. Orientation Program in Montessori Method of Education 
       (Duration 30 Hours).
   D. Inclusion Program: Specific Learning Difficulties 
              (Duration 3 days)

            How NOT to be a difficult teacher? (Duration 3 days)
  •   Identification and remedial strategies in classroom. 
  •  Dyslexia 
  •  Dyscalculia
  •  Dysgraphia         
    E. Short term courses offered by MU

1.Logic in Language duration 1 or 2 days
2.Arithmetic basics Math-a magic(MM) Duration 2 days
3.Geography and Biology in early learning (2 days)
4.Refresher course Duration 5 days (min 8 teachers)

                 F. Consultancy Services (10 days)
1.     Consulting Services for setting up a new Pre-Primary Montessori School.
2.     Staff orientation and training.

Knowledge Sharing Sessions (Parents or Staff)
MU offers very informative and beneficial one day workshops which are collaborated with Schools & Institutions. MU presents knowledge sessions on Montessori Philosophy, Montessori Methods, creativity in Storytelling and language and Waldorf education. It will help parents & teachers in their day to day difficulties.

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