Montessorians United Team Strength 1

 Our Team Members

Geetha Viswanathan she is a Research Director at Indian Holistic Medical Academy. She has 33 years of experience with Ph.D. and D.Sc. in the same field. She specializes in alternative therapy of improving the lifestyle for better health and specially to manage the special children like autistic children.
Passion: Children Health, Wellness and Fitness 

Montessorians United Founder
Munira Akhtar 23 years of experience in Montessori Education & School Management in Bangalore.She has headed Little feat Montessori house of children for 13 years, and was an Assistant Faculty at Indian Montessori Training Centre (IMTC) for 7 years. She has diploma from Association Montessori International (AMI) & diploma in special education from KPAMRC to support her passion.
Passion To spread the awareness of Montessori method of education.

Team Members

Kaushy Lal brings 30 years of her rich experience in the field of Montessori Education in the Indian Environment. She has B.Sc degree and a diploma in pre-primary and primary Montessori Method of education from Association Montessori Internationale (AMI). Currently, she works as a freelance consultant in Montessori trainer programs.
Passion:  To share her expertise in Montessori child development philosophy.

Rajalakshmi Sivaramakrishnan has spent 23 years in early childhood education. She is the founder-director of CREAT institute and is also associated with Montessorians United. She holds a post graduate diploma in childcare and a diploma in Montessori Method of education from American Montessori society (AMS).
Passion: To use Montessori material for assisting special needs of children. 

Reshmi Basu has 25 years of experience in teaching various age groups at the preschool level. She is a Founder-Director of Ankur Montessori school, Bangalore. She is a post graduate M.Sc Zoology and holds a diploma in Montessori Method of education from Association Montessori Internationale (AMI)
Passion: To ensure freedom for learning in a complete Montessori environment.

C.N.Mahalakshmi has spent 20 years in working with children. She is an AMI trained montessorian She currently runs a Montessori training program at Dhaya Dheeksha Institute of education, Coimbatore. She specializes in Yoga for children.
Passion: Inventing ways to educate children with Montessori method.

Salma Mashood brings 30 years of experience in preschool teaching. She specializes in Pre-primary learning and is the Founder of Sugar Dumpling playschool, Bangalore.
Passion: Preschool teaching and yoga for children.

Uma Devi has 16 years of experience teaching various age groups at the preschool level. She is the Founder-Director at Arambha Montessori House of Children Bangalore. She holds a degree in Law and a Master's degree in Personnel management.She has a Diploma in Pre-primary & Primary Montessori Method of education from Association Montessori Internationale (AMI).
Passion:  Sensorial and Mathematical learning. 

Rabia Kausar has spent 14 years as Preschool Principal at Bright Sparks Montessori house of Children, She conducts Montessori training programs at Mount Carmel college, Bangalore. She holds a diploma in Montessori education from Indian Montessori Training Centre (IMTC), Bangalore.
Passion: Working with children of pre-primary age group.