Montessorians United Founder

The Founder Member of MU, Mrs. Munira Akhtar has over 2 decades of experience in Montessori Training and working with children. She began her journey by completing her Montessori training from Association Montessori Internationale at Bangalore. Then came a seven-year-long gestation period when she worked as  Montessori trainer. To accomplish this dream she became the principal at a school that was purely guided by the ideals she had assimilated. 
During her work with children, she realized that just Montessori techniques were sometimes not enough. She got amazing results with majority of the children, a few did not responded like others. So she did a one year-diploma course in Specific Learning Difficulties, and a slight modification and adaptation of the Montessori materials yielded excellent results for specific children. 
After 15 years as a principal administrator, during which she had conducted orientation workshops for parents and teachers, she decided to take insights gleaned from her experience to a wider audience. She began to travel to places where Montessori training was unheard of. 

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After years of experience in Montessori Education she has formed a team of experienced montessorians. Munira Akhtar and her MU Team is expert in setting up Montessori schools, which includes: Education Management, curriculum Set up, Lesson Planning, School Set ups, Handling parents teacher meetings, Parents Consultation & Counselling. This makes MU  a one stop solution for  Early childhood education needs.